Temporal Bodies

Temporal Body is a performative gesture manifested by a square piece of silk absorbing a verdigris solution. The liquid, slowly absorbed by the fabric, is an attempt to illustrate duration: the performance provides a visual marker of the progression of time. Imagined as a contemplative encounter, Temporal Body aims to engage the viewer in a durational experience which evokes the idea of ​​a shared pace of time.

Julie Roch-Cuerrier, Temporal Body, 2019, verdigris solution, silk, Hydrocal slab, dimensions variables

Temporal Colours are different varieties of verdigris pigment, gathered in small glass vials, that Roch-Cuerrier has cultured in her studio in the past years. The artist has developed a fascination with the process of oxidizing bronze in the form of verdigris. Her interest in this pigment lies in its instability: its colour changes over time in response to its environment. These colours recall a meticulous and unpredictable process: in her practice, its distinctive hue has become a symbol of a cyclical temporality associated with several evolutionary experiments.

Julie Roch-Cuerrier, Temporal Colours, 2019, verdigris pigments in glass vials, 1.5 x 1.5 x 4 cm each

Temporal Fabrics are the results of dying tests, made with different types and hues of verdigris, to observe the behaviour of these pigments over time. At first composed of vivid tones of blue, the active pigments slowly manifest their responsiveness to air and light. Vibrant blues are replaced by more muted shades of green, changing the original composition imprinted on the fabric. This physical change by environmental agents then becomes the defining meaning of the work itself. 

Julie Roch-Cuerrier, Temporal Fabric, 2019, verdigris on silk, dimensions variables