Multidisciplinary in nature, Julie Roch-Cuerrier’s practice focuses on the passage of time as a living subject, and in the temporal and transformational processes of raw matter. In her work, materials are bearers of meaning and invite the viewer to attentively observe the world around them. Imbued with a poetic gaze, her pieces bear witness to processes of encounters and transformations from which emerge different ways of being. Influenced by neo-materialist theories, she questions the agency of objects, the transitional aspect of matter, and the spaces where the living and the non-living intersect. 

Roch-Cuerrier’s research is primarily focused on the potential for the reinterpretation and reconfiguration of time. Her pieces reflect on the possibility of materializing time, emphasizing the intimate sensations we have of its duration. In this body of work, she integrates dynamic and metamorphic biological processes as a central part of her compositions. Imagined as contemplative encounters between the public and the works, these experiences bear witness to an acceptance of the unexpected and a fascination for the living.

In her recent work, Roch-Cuerrier went further into experimentations surrounding the concept of corespiration, which she aims to materialize through blown glass. For the artist, the term ‘co-respiration’ evokes a dialogue or an intimate relationship, a silent but fundamental event, whose prefix implies collaboration. Faced with the impossibility of conceiving a corespiration in present time, Roch-Cuerrier tries to imagine, through the proximity and interaction of blown forms, a future in which the ‘other’ is closer.

Julie Roch-Cuerrier, Studio demos, 2020