Spectral Bloom

Spectral Bloom is a sculpture composed of 7,125 individual petals made from oxidized bronze. The petals are shaped after crabapple tree blossoms, a reference to Lived Experience of Time: a body of work centered around a bronze casting of a crabapple tree stump. Inspired by a trip the artist made to Japan during the sakurablossom season, Spectral Bloom is an installation recalling memories of the delicate blossoms layered in thick blankets at the bottom of cherry trees. Hanami, which translates as “flower viewing”, is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the ephemeral beauty of flowers. During these celebrations, families and friends gather around blooming cherry trees for moments of contemplation. The practice of hanami is a time for reflecting on the transient nature of life. 

In Roch-Cuerrier’s reinterpretation of that event, the blue petals cover the floor of the gallery, recalling the crystallized nature of the living. They represent an improbable blossoming: underground and alchemical. The blue petals appear to have been swept by the wind in a corner of the gallery: the event is both strange and poetic. Spectral Bloom explores the idea of spectrality: the point where the material and the immaterial, the real and the imaginary, meet.

Julie Roch-Cuerrier, Spectral Bloom, 2020, bronze, 7125 petals, 1 x 2 cm each, 2nd photo Ⓒ Alignements
Installation view, Vers des cycles mouvants, EXPRESSION, Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada, 2021