It meant The World

It meant The World is a text projection in which Roch-Cuerrier aims to dilute the idea of ​​the World presented in a World Atlas and reduce it to a colour. This specific blue is the colour that was produced when sanding p.40-41 titled “The Physical World” of a 1981 National Geographic Atlas and collecting the printed pigments. It is an extension of her works National Geographic Atlas of the World and Colours for a World

Her creative process often uses a semiotic approach to analyze and deconstruct representations of place. It meant The World aims to deconstruct the concept of The World as printed in an Atlas and recontextualize it. Here the colour of the World is further reduced to light: it is activated through a time-based media. There is a different quality associated with the medium of the projection: it is ephemeral and temporal. The World is no longer contained or fixed on a surface, it embodies a different physicality: one that is porous and changeable. Projected on a concrete column adjacent to a street-side window, we view life going by. The World becomes part of its environment: it is inserted into a physical World

Julie Roch-Cuerrier, it meant The World, 2014, video projection, dimensions variables
Julie Roch-Cuerrier, The World p.40-41, 2014, World Atlas pigments in plastic sachet, 5 x 7.5 cm